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VVVVVV is a successful indie game that was released in the beginning of 2010.  This game is a typical side scrolling platformer with some puzzle solving elements to it.  The graphics are purposefully lacking.  The creator was inspired by games from the Commodore 64.  The gameplay and story is simple and engaging, much like the soundtrack.  Clever, upbeat, chiptune songs complement this game greatly.


You play as Captain Viridian, the happiest of stick figure people, who leads a crew of space explorers on the ship...spaceship.  Upon your travels the ship experiences some "dimensional interference," which forces you and the crew to evacuate.  However, you become separated from the crew and now have to explore this new dimension to find your crew mates.  

Ending Spoiler

Not really much to say here.  Simple game, simple ending with endearing dialog.  You do become quite attached to Captain Viridian in your travels and share his pain when his happy smile turns upside-down. So you find yourself flying throughout space when the crew flies the ship to the location of your signal.  Once they find you they beam you aboard.  Before leaving the dimension, (if you do not collect all of the trinkets, which I doubt I'll ever be able to do) Captain Viridian decides that they should stay and discover what is causing the interference.

(I didn't record the ending while playing so I'm using this guys speedrun because there aren't any recordings of the ending on youtube and I do not feel like creating right now, I may in the future though.  Plus this will give you a feel for just how hard it is to beat this game.)

Does the game hold up today?

Considering that it was only released almost two years ago, yes.  If you are looking for a hark back to the old days of platforming games then this game is definitely for you.  It is very challenging with a bit of frustration at times, but never enough to keep you from playing it again.

Other Info

The Good:  Great music, great gameplay, interesting game mechanics, a nice feeling of accomplishment after beating it.

The Bad:  Since the graphics are intentionally bad there is no point on commenting about them.  The game itself is short; however, you could play other peoples levels and create your own.  Also, finishing the game completely will increase play time by quite a bit.  (I was only able to collect 9 out of 20 trinkets on my first play through and I spent a half an hour unsuccessfully trying to get the Vini Vidi Vici trinket (the hardest on to get)).  So really, there is nothing I could really complain about when it comes to this game.

Today's Going Rate:  Full price on Steam is $5.00.  It will probably go for about the same on 3DS.

Difficulty:  Beating the game, average.  Beating the game with everything, insanely difficult.  Beating the game without dying (No Death Mode), I honestly think that anytime I see a run without deaths that its a fake.  That shits impossible.

Time invested in beating the game:  With all of my attempts to get trinkets including the failed attempts it only took me an hour and a half to beat the game...I died 850 times within that hour and a half.

Re-makes:  Currently, they are just re-making this game for the 3DS.

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